Complete list of activities for the dissemination of the LIFE FUTURE PROJECT

[20/09/2016] - Valencia: sustainability and public procurement in the city

Valencia, located on the Spanish Mediterranean coast, with almost 800,000 inhabitants, is the third largest Spanish city. According to Cities in Motion Index, it has recently been described as one of the fifty best cities in the world. Sustainability and environmental criteria, as well as urban services place it near the top of the ranking of cities with the best quality of life.  

This city is best known by its beaches, its food and its festivities–the famous Fallas–, which turned it into a tourist destination of excellence. Valencia is also an important enclave for knowledge, culture, research and technology. It has two pu...



The project consortium has been working on the development of the GUF Tool during the last six months. The work has focused primarily on the collection, evaluation and simplification of GPP criteria, which will allow public authorities to include environmental clauses for urban furniture in their call for tenders. These criteria are being processed in order to make them more accessible and understandable to the public staff. Furthermore, the project consortium has collected and evaluated characterisation factors that allow to assess the life cycle environmental impacts of the various materials that can be present in urban furniture products. Both GP...


[20/09/2016] - FOCUS ON GPP CRITERIA

The GPP criteria used in LIFE FUTURE will allow an easy inclusion of green requirements in public tender documents. These are based on the EU GPP Toolkit,  which provides a specific set of environmental criteria for various types of product categories, including furniture products (currently under revision). These criteria aim to reach a good balance between environmental performance, cost considerations, market availability and ease of verification.


Wood is one of the most frequently used raw materials for manufacturing urban furniture. We can found in our cities a wide rang...


[20/09/2016] - Buying Green Handbook in your language!

The “Buying Green! – A Handbook on green public procurement” published by the European Commission is now available in all 23 EU languages online. 

It is the main guidance document of the European Commission to support the acquisition of good and services with a lower environmental impact by public authorities. It can also be used by policy makers and companies responding to green tenders.

This third edition of the Handbook, published on April 2016, has been fully revised to provide the following:

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[20/09/2016] - Stay in touch

The GUF Tool is still under preparation but you can already make sure you will not miss any update on its development by staying in touch with us. Luckily, they are different possibilities to follow the project’s activities.

It is of course possible to regularly check the website for new information; but to be following even closely the project, you can become a stakeholder and express your support through a letter. By doing so, you will not only show your interest for the project but also receive the project’s updates directly in your mailbox. Organisations who are already stakeholders are all displayed on the stakeholder page o...


[20/09/2016] - WHATS NEXT

During the next six months of the project, the consortium will continue working on the development of the GUF Tool, including the completion of the database and its connectivity to the online tool. Moreover, the consortium will intensify efforts to spread the project among public authorities, urban furniture manufacturers/suppliers and other stakeholders, in order to engage them in the project. For example, AIMPLAS will present the LIFE FUTURE project in the Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy to be held on the 6th of October in Valencia. 



[21/04/2016] - WHATS NEXT

During the next six months of the project, the consortium will work on the development of the GUF Tool, including the database containing GPP criteria and environmental profiles for materials and processes related to urban furniture products. The key issues of the tool that will be addressed during this period are the programming framework, including the connectivity to the database, the detailed structure and features and a preliminary interface. Efforts will be focused on functionality and user-friendliness.

Monitoring actions will be also performed during the coming months in order to determine the curr...


[21/04/2016] - Koprivnica

Koprivnica is a city situated in northern Croatia, near the borders of Slovenia and Hungary. It is the 18th biggest Croatian city by size, with 30.872 citizens. First mentioned in 13th century, the city has a rich culture and history which is still preserved to this day.

Koprivnica is known as a city of knowledge, because it hosts the youngest state university, University North. But it also attracts small and medium enterprises (SMEs), thanks to its adequately developed business zones and efficient infrastructure and communal facilities. Great effort has been invested into creating a set of good basic business conditions, especially for SMEs...



During the first six months of the project, the consortium completed the preparatory actions that will serve as a starting point for the development of the rest of the project. These actions included a technical update and the identification and characterisation of the different urban furniture products. A summary of the state-of-the-art on green public procurement (GPP) was produced, including current legislation and standards as well as existing procedures, tools and methodologies for GPP. Furthermore, thirteen urban furniture products were identified and characterised according to the different mater...


[21/04/2016] - LIFE FUTURE Boosting the sustainability in cities

LIFE FUTURE is a 2.5 year European project that started in 2015, co-funded with support from the LIFE financial instrument of the European Union. It is led by a consortium of 6 partners representing both public authorities and research institutes. The partners are:


- ACR+


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